Programming for Kids

Programming for Kids

Programming classes taught by real programmers.

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Programming with Scratch (ages 6 +)
Learn to use a tile-based visual programming language to create simple games, stories, and animated images. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Programming for Minecraft using Blocky (ages 6 +)
Learn how to use blocks of code that represent commands to generate Javascript to control activities in Minecraft. Learn the beginning concepts of Loops and If Statements. The building blocks for computer programming. Blockly was originally designed as a replacement for OpenBlocks in 2012.

Programming with Python for Kids (ages 8 +)
Come learn how to program using Python, a programming language used at companies such as Google, Facebook and Dropbox. In this class students will take the first steps with the programming language Python to draw shapes, patterns, and spirals. Along the way they will learn how to think in sequences, use loops to repeat a sequence and how to send secret messages to their friends using encryption. All students will be provided with a Raspberry Pi computer, keyboard and cables to connect to a TV and/or computer monitor which they will get to keep and take home.

Programming for Minecraft using Python (ages 10 +) (Prerequisites: Programming in Python for Kids)
Learn more advanced programming to write actions that can control Steve and Alex in Minecraft. In a few short commands generate a whole house, stock up on tools and more.

Advanced Programming using Python (ages 12 +) (Prerequisites: Programming in Python for Kids)
Learn more advanced programming skills to write useful and fun applications. Make a laser tripwire, using a laser pointer that is activated when motion is detected.

HTML5 for Kids (ages 12 +)
Learn how to write your first mobile app. HTML5 (check out our "what is" video) is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML, the project began in 2012 to create a more versatile programming language for the web that can work on desktops, tablets and other mobile devices.

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