Programming for Kids

Programming for Kids

Programming classes taught by real programmers.

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Introduction to Computer Programming with Python (ages 10 +)

The class is a 15 weeks course (over 4-5 months), taught by a software developer. We will cover the basics of "real" computer programming in Python, an easy to learn language that is used today in many companies.  The children will learn how to read, write, and modify basic Python programs.  We will learn about variables, loops, if-then-else statements, and functions.  Some of the topics we will cover include how to use Python to do math problems, draw pictures, write a quiz, make secret messages, and do cool things in Minecraft (Pi Edition).

Previous typing experience is very beneficial. Previous programming experience is not expected. The class material is challenging and is best suited for students who like computers and enjoy problem solving.


Programming With Python Level 2

Programming with Python Level 2 will continue where the Introduction to Computer Programming Python Class left off.  Initially we will do a review of what was covered last year.  After that we will continue to introduce new concepts such as dictionaries, for loops, ranges, sorting, and reading/writing files. We will make heavier use of functions and will introduce some basic object oriented programming concepts.  Some of the projects we are going to program include Snake, Xs and Os, Memory Game and Minecraft Maze Game.


Programming With Python Level 3

We will continue where the Programming With Python Level 2 Class left off. Initially we will do a review of what was covered last semester. After that we will continue to introduce more concepts like sorting, searching for data in a CSV file, and more about object oriented programming. The students will also start solving simple problems using their programming skills. Some of the programs we will be writing include a matching pairs game, a sink your ship game, an image based puzzle, and a MIDI music player.


Python / Web Programming Level 4

This class continues where Programming With Python Level 3 left off. We will begin learning how to use Python to write basic web applications on the internet. Students will get an overview of how the web works, and we will cover some details about Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Domain Name Service (DNS), and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). We will increase the number of exercises where the students are given problem descriptions, and work on coming up with the Python code themselves. Internet connectivity will be required for this class.